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Restoring and Revitalizing Historic Brick, Stone, and Masonry Structures.

We specialize in the restoration and repair of historic residential and commercial buildings.  In addition we deliver a full range of masonry services. Please browse the website for more details.  

Owner, Mason

I will be on the jobsite doing the work, directing my crew.  I enjoy the daily challenges and working with my hands.  There is no disconnect between the office and the field.  Lower overhead means the money you spend goes into the work.

We care about the mortar!

We match the mortar to your building.  No more grey mortar, slopped all over the brick.  It doesn't have to look like that.

We're good at our job

We did these jobs highlighted by the WISCONSIN TRUST FOR HISTORIC PRESERVATION

Leithold Music, La Crosse, WI

Newburg, La Crosse, WI

Big, Complicated, Problems

I have an engineering degree from the University of Iowa.  Click here to see what the Newburg Building use to look like.

Why Choose Us

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